Daylily Haiku Thursday

overwhelmed by choice.
(paralyzed) by great beauty-
(haunted) by your eyes.

(H. 'Blaze Away', H. 'Bongo Bongo' and H. 'Convention Gaze')

As always, you can click on the photos to make them larger.

Three gorgeous daylilies you might not have heard of or seen.  All three are unique and worth trying out.  They all fair well here in Michigan.  Since my garden size is limited here in "the city" I have to be picky about what I give up some real estate to...  I try to pick daylilies that have distinction and a unique quality, so that if someone comes to my yard and has never experienced the modern hybrid daylily, they get a great cross section of some of the best and brightest- represented with carefully planned variety.

H. 'Bongo Bongo' is hybridized by a blogging daylily friend of mine, Lee Pickles.  You can check out his new blog here.

Winter is wearing on my rose-colored glasses.  My digital photo albums and Eureka Daylily Guides are worn out from thumbing through them.  Luckily the Region 2 Winter Symposium is in just two weeks!  Check out more information here.  This meeting will surely chase my winter doldrums away.  Where else can you see 11 daylily related speakers, get 3 meals, free internet, and the chance at 2 $500 gift certificates for less than $100?  Nowhere.  That's where.

Stay warm and keep calm, ya'll.  Spring is on the way.


Catherine said...

i don't know if you are allowed to use parentheses in heikus. if you are, they may have to count as a syllable.

Anonymous said...

I have to do this quick as I am at work- it' always good to see you even if it's only vicariosly-our show chair is vacant at the moment- would love to have you come in to pep us up---luv-pam milliken,lids(pres) & luanne


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