Daylily Haiku Thursday - reminiscing on Illinois...

drops in a bucket-
making loud sounds in my heart,
screaming for springtime.
Oh, how I miss the daylilies.  I was invited to speak to a group of about 60 gardeners in Taylor, Michigan last night about the awesomeness of the daylily and I think I was able to convince a couple of those folks that daylilies deserve a place in their gardens.  I showed 160 of my best daylily images from the 2009 season and they couldn't get enough.  Some were amazed that daylilies really only last one day, others were surprised to hear they grow from a complex root structure and not bulbs.  They were in awe of the fact that there are close to 70,000 registered varieties in all shapes, sizes and colors.  It is always amazing to see people shake off myths they have about gardening and make plans to do something new.  I handed out catalogs from my friends at Browns Ferry Gardens and Song Sparrow Nursery, along with past issues of the Region 2 Daylily newsletter.  They ate it up!

These are photos from a visit to Jeff and Elizabeth Gilbert's home in northern Illinois.  Their garden is an AHS Display Garden and is full of inspiration and intimacy.  The variety of form and color is breathtaking.  I think I remember Liz telling me they grow somwhere in the ballpark of 1500 daylily cultivars.

  That is a lot of inspiration!

Tucked in each bed or border are hardscapes beyond description.  Birdhouses, bells, gates, greenhouses...the "bones" of this garden are well thought out and well placed.  I found myself taking as many photos of the "stuff" as I did of the daylilies.  The window house below is on my list to create someday with some of the eight salvaged windows I have in the rafters of my garage.  I knew those things would come in handy someday.

This is surely an artists sanctuary, dotted with winding paths, painted signs, and carefully placed what-nots.  My visit here was filled with discovery and smiles and I hope to go back someday to see it again.  You should visit the AHS website and print out the list of AHS Daylily Display Gardens in your area or in areas you may be travelling to in the future.  A courtesy phone call to the garden owner will secure you an hour or so being inspired by the daylily and those who love it - you will be glad you did.


Catherine said...

Are you sure you were asked to speak to them? or did you just find a group of gardeners and start talking about daylilies? i could see you doing that.

Dee/reddirtramblings said...

Your Haiku is so appropriate. I'm about to lose my mind for spring, and I so miss the daylilies. Thanks for speaking and clearing up the confusion a little. I love Song Sparrow.~~Dee


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