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END OF THE YEAR CONFESSIONAL:  Yeah.  So I cry in the garden.  Mostly when I'm alone.  I cry over a lot of things when I'm out there.  Happy stuff, funny stuff, inspirational stuff, angry stuff, confusing stuff.  The garden is probably the best therapist I will ever have. 

December is always so abundant.  Its full of food and blessings and family and charity and work and travel and last minute crises.  Its never full of outside.  This year is thankfully different!  I took a few minutes to walk about the yard, since it was 50 degrees Fahrenheit yesterday, and just marveled at the life still going on out there.  I straightened some plant markers, picked a few weeds even!  Saw some reminders of a special friend who died this year and well, had an ugly cry.  For a minute, maybe two.  The dogs scrambled around me in their sunshine glee and distracted me from the melancholy.  I left it there and wandered away with the dogs.

I noticed the mushy semi-evergreen clumps of H. 'Morticia's Mascara', H. 'Kevin Thomas' and H. 'Baby Bear' and had to come in and check out the photos again.  Here they were this summer...

There are plants in the garden that have heard more of my stories than any human who knows me.  Ill never share those plants or move them out of the garden for fear someone will invent a device to hear plants talk. 

I'm reading a book about gardening right now and it is warming my heart and relates to the concepts of self-healing in the garden.  Cool stuff.  Here is a link to it if you're interested.  

I'm finding some solace and stress relief in depth more than breadth - and once I felt the difference, my gardening experience has shifted.  
And settled.  

This book is helping me see myself in the future and modify (enjoy) the journey on the way there.  I can think of many "gardening voices" that would be the BEST narrator for this book if it were ever turned into an audiobook. Grab it and enjoy the story this winter.  Ill bet you'll garden different in 2016 because of it.

Merry Christmas, friends!  Here's some H. 'Godiva Jam' for your holiday table. 

Til next time...



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