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H. 'Osterized' (Hite-Davisson 1999)

Scenario:  A daylily cultivar is registered with the AHS as 50% polymerous.  Said flower is brought to an exhibition show on a day when it is not showing any polymerous characteristics.

Here is the AHS Standard Scale of Points that Judges are required to use for on-scape, registered cultivars:

On-Scape Registered Cultivars

·         Color
·         Form
·         Texture
·         Substance
·         Size of flower

·         Height and strength
·         Buds
·         Branching

Condition and Grooming


Total possible points

Question:  Using the exhibit described in the Scenario above, how many, if any, points would you deduct from the 10 allowed for form?

Follow-up question:  How many, if any, other points would you deduct and from what category?

A personal example, if you are still with me.  I exhibited a GORGEOUS scape if Judy Davisson's H. 'Osterized' at a show this year.  This flower is registered as an unusual form crispate and 50% polymerous.  It's a 10" tet that once established, blows most other more flashy daylilies out of the water.

Because it is registered with ANY polymerous characteristics, AHS mandates that this flower, whether it polys or not on show day, must be placed in Section 5, competing with doubles, polymerous and other multiform daylilies.  
The point of this post is not whether that daylily needs to be placed in the section with the doubles.  That is a much higher discussion for another time when we have a few margaritas in us.  This question is to define HOW to judge it now that AHS has told us where this flower is to be placed.

I would like to investigate how other judges would fault said exhibit for NOT showing a polymerous characteristic on show day.  After all, 50% is only half of the blooms, so would it be more of a fault if it WAS poly'ing or NOT poly'ing?
I'm curious how judges, exhibitors and critics of the system would use the above scale of points to score the exhibit.

E-mail me and tell me your thoughts.  I'd love to know what they are, even if you aren't a judge.  Maybe you're a hybridizer.  Or an exhibitor.  Or maybe you are a casual observer who stays as far away from daylily shows as possible for these very reasons.  I don't mind where you fall and am not sure I have any empirical method of my own.  I just want the discussion so we can work toward being on the same page on these types of intricate judging nuances.

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Pat Cochenour said...

Hi Nikki,
As a hybridizer of Polymerous daylilies, I would take 10 points off. If it's registered as a Poly, it should be shown in it's Poly form.
Pat Cochenour

how to beat the flu now said...

very intersting, i like this article.

John Everitt said...

I agree with Pat. I would deduct all 10 points under Form. Registering the flower as Polymerous indicates that the hybridizer favored that form over the non-polymerous form. If not, he or she would have registered it as a different form. The exhibitor should be mindful of the section description and not show a bloom that does not exhibit the


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