When it begins... | Daylily Haiku Thursday

may today be filled
with wonders and surprises!
only good ones, please.

On the above left is the AHS award-winning H. 'Lil Black Buds' by Ken Begnaud of Louisiana.  I got this as a bus plant from the Baton Rouge National Convention a few years ago and it has thrived.  The buds are the darkest I've ever seen.  It makes for quite a show- even without blooms.  The others shown are from top - H. 'Fourth Rock', H. 'Brookwood Black Kitten', and bottom right is H. 'Carolina Pink Pinwheel.'

I miss these scenes in the garden.  The start of things.  The beginning.

For today, it's Happy Birthday to me!  The candles are burning and I'm still thinking of a good wish...  



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