Daylily Haiku Thursday | Guest Inspiration

Gardens burst with color,
Yellow, orange, red wave freely.
Fireworks light night sky.

Here is H. 'Holiday Party' showing its' stuff on July 4th.  I took two weeks off from the creative process of haiku and you have surprised me with the gift of your own!  Several folks have sent ME haiku to enjoy.  That is a wonderful gift - thank you!

Today's haiku comes to us from my new friend Terry, who is a regular reader of the dirt here at A Girl and Her Garden.  Thanks for thinking of me.  

I could take a thousand pictures of this daylily.  I know. I say that a lot.  

Happy post July 4th...we are now closer to the end of this year than we are to the beginning.  What stories will you have from the 2012 daylily season?  Did you learn anything new?  Did you meet new people?  Did you find new ways to be inspired by the daylily?  

There is still time for all of that...get to it!  ;)


Bethany Benton Art said...

Ohhh, 'Holiday Party' is a beauty! I'm in the middle of an encore performance by the daylilies, so I haven't gone into withdrawal yet. Thanks for sharing, Nikki! :-)

patchesandpeachs said...

What a beauty! I think I need one!

Funny you should mention that you could take a thousand pictures of that daylily. I know just how you feel, as I feel the same way. Every day during "daylily season" I spend upwards of an hour or more taking photos of my daylilies. I'm smitten with them. My sister commented just yesterday that taking pictures of the daylilies was very time consuming. I said, yes it was. She said, "How many pictures do you need?" I told her, "I never have enough." She said I was just like our late mother (who got me into all this mess). I agreed with her. What can you do?



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