Weather Effects/Affects | Daylily Haiku Thursday

It's dangerously warm today; one of those winter days when the swollen, grey clouds are filled with snow, but the sun refuses to give way to Winter.  Sixty-degree weather in December is borrowed time and I am gleefully stealing every last minute I can today with the windows open and the Christmas tree lights on. 

Here is Jamie Gossard's H. 'Heavenly Doppler Effect' to celebrate the weather gods losing their minds...

My feet itch to be in the grass again, and as I stood on the deck overlooking the new gardens, it was hard to not take off into the muddy yard to do "something."  I remembered that I have a terrible case of Gardening OCD, so "something" would certainly turn into a lot of "somethings" before I could even slide on my muck boots.  It was much safer to come back inside.  Sadly, I have come to terms with the fact that gardening outside is over for this year. 

So as the bare tree branches turned black against the pink of the evening sky, I said a little prayer for sleeping daylilies and for the Spring to come. 

Minutes count the life
of a fresh daylily bloom.

Here are a few websites that have added their 2012 introductions and price lists.  Check them out and see whats coming for 2012.

Also, here are a few daylily-focused symposiums that are happening in early 2012 that you absolutely should consider attending:

Region 2 Winter Symposium - Cincinnati (info coming soon)

Enjoy the days before the what matters most to you and leave out everything else!  



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