Daylily Haiku Thursday | Learning something despite the circumstances...

wet indifference.
blooms soaked in heaven's kisses -
still bright with color!

H. 'Spanish Fiesta'

While listening to a friends story about a recent vacation gone wrong, I got to thinking about my own vacation mis-adventures.  The 2009 AHS National Convention in central Florida immediately came to mind.  We decided to piggy-back on the trip for the daylily event with our first family trip to Disney World.  <shakes head>  

Anyhoo, the event was two days of garden tours through some of the most experienced hybridizers gardens in the country - this part of the state is known as "Daylily Mecca" in some circles and I am so thrilled I got to attend - despite the deluge of rain (state records were set) and a family-wide sinus infection.  

It rained for seven days straight.  It rained every day we were at Disney.  It rained every day on the tours.  It rained at night.   It rained out a white linen lunch at Frank Smith daylilies (see below).  It flooded the garden paths.  It leaked in our car, soaked our shirts (see Brenda Macy below right) and challenged our sunny resolve.

The daylilies did not disappoint.  Their substance and texture rose to the beating of the rain.  We saw what they could do under adverse circumstances, and we saw what WE could do despite less-than-comfortable circumstances.  (52 waterlogged gardeners with dirty, wet shoes sardined in a charter bus does not smell good, by the way.)

I am glad I went.
And I'm glad it rained.
We wouldn't have learned all that we did if it hadn't.

H. 'Much Ado About Magic' - I love the erect edges on this one. That is distinct!



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