Daylily Haiku Thursday | Black Moon

an evenings' jewel rising
above the chatter
adieu, busy day!
This is H. 'Black Moon,' an older cultivar that I saw for the first time this summer- and I saw it in three different gardens.  What drew me to it was the clear, unmelted purple still glowing at 3pm on a July day.  I love the faint halo on the petals; it is a bit blue to my eye.  Its form holds no mystery and is beautifully straightforward.  I'm going to look to add it to my collection.  I don't think I grow anything else like it.

I'm traveling this weekend to the Region 5 Fall Fling in Atlanta, Georgia - presenting a new program on daylily exhibition shows, taking in some other great presentations, an auction (or two) and all with wonderful company.  This program I'm debuting is about some of "the little things" that show planning committees should take into consideration when planning a show.  It should be quite a hoot and I hope the audience enjoys hearing it as much as I have enjoyed preparing it.  

The American Hemerocallis Society's Board of Directors Fall Meeting is being held in conjunction with this event on Friday, so every AHS committee I sit on will have business to cuss and discuss.  What a great time to reconvene and close the loop on some outstanding items.  The winner of the Stout Silver Medal will be announced as well and I am so excited to be among the first to hear the news of this years winner! 

The editor of our wonderful Daylily Journal, Meg Ryan will be there and I am really looking forward to seeing her.  She is quite fun, which is reflected in her printed works of art produced for this society.  The fact that I get these wonderful daylily-focused magazines a few times a year is worth the membership fee alone!  It's here if you want to know more...

Wish us all luck!


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