Daylily Haiku Thursday | Size does matter!

daylily dreaming.
waiting for a sprung Spring and
enjoying the wait!

The snow is slowly melting in Michigan.  I can now see the boiled cabbage looking daylily clumps waiting for sunshine and warmth to shake them out of their winter funk.  I am waiting, too.

This photo of H. 'June Williams Memorial' brightened my morning today.  What is most exciting is that it was taken in Georgia on a hot, hot, hot summer afternoon and the bloom still looks fresh and the morning dew.  No melting or degradation of color there!  I also really like the coloration on the BACKSIDE of the tepals, which gives the flower some depth.  And look at those pinched midribs....lots of interesting characteristics on this one.

You'll also be interested to know it is registered at 11".  ELEVEN!  Yep...its THAT big.  I measured this exact bloom at 10.5" as it stood.  I did not touch the bloom or extend its segments while measuring.  (Yes, I do carry a small tape measure with me on garden tours for just this purpose.)

Again, there are almost 70,000 registered varieties of the daylily.  Because I don't have room to grow them all, I seek out the ones that are especially unique in size, color, or distinction.  I think this one fits that criteria. 

Do you grow it?  Have you seen it at 11"?  Are you using it in your hybridizing program?  Tell me your experiences with it!


Anonymous said...

I agree size matters. I am drooling over Lillian's Vapor Trail that says it is 12 inches.

I also dig crazy names. My favorite is A Moose Fishing On A Pond On Monday Morning.

I am trying to find as many Star Trek daylilies as possible.
Lindalee Stuckey


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