Now this is frothy fabulousness.

It is H. 'Emerald Splendor,' and I'm sad to say it doesnt grow in my Michigan garden anymore. I bought it with the intention of growing it here, but after planting, it languished to two puny fans, with one scape and three buds. But I didnt want to give up on it so quickly, so I relocated it to my mom's garden in southern Illinois - where it took off. This is the epitome of the characteristic - substance. At first blush, substance doesnt hit you as a characteristic you can measure with your eyes, but with your fingertips. This photo conveys the emotion, movement and spirit of substance.  I think substance can be affected by water, soil conditions, genetics, fertilizer, growing conditions...many external factors contribute to a daylily's ability to exhibit perfect, proportionate, delicious substance. 

Judging Daylilies, the AHS handbook published to train Exhibition and Garden Judges, describes substance as "the thickness of the tissue structure..." and this daylily exhibits that exquisitely. Many of Tom Wilson's introductions were of this substance - and many of those are diploid! who said diploids were wimpy?

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