Daylily Haiku Thursday | Sparkling.

Dancing in the sun,
tiny sparkles reflecting
beautiful light rays.

Oh, I love diamond dusting, but it is so hard to catch in a photograph! This shot of H. 'Magnificent Rainbow' was taken in 2008 during the Region 2 Summer Tours. It is one of the rare opportunities I have had to capture diamond dusting on a daylily.

See what looks like gorgeous, glistening glitter on the petals? (look on the right side of the bloom, near the edges especially...)  See how the light reflects what looks like tiny crystals? That's diamond dusting and it's really hard to catch on film.

According to  the AHS Dictionary of Daylily Terms, diamond dusted daylilies have structures that produce a glitter-like quality on the petal surface.  If you visit that link above, you'll see two more wonderful examples of diamond dusting.

I love this quality.  Quite honestly I love sparkles on almost everything, especially my daylilies!  This is a surface quality and definitely contributes to the overall distinction of the bloom. 

I hope you find some sparkles in your own world to appreciate today!
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Anonymous said...

We should get some glitter and dust the flowers with that. in fact, i think i will do that to all my flowers. great idea. - Catherine

Anonymous said...

I think the term "slicking" is an attempt to hide the point that the bloom MELTS in the heat which is an undesirable trait, in my humble and unschooled opinion


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