Nikki Schmith Daylily Introductions

H. 'Blessings In A Backpack' (Schmith 2012)
My first introduction

35” tall, this 5.5” bloom glows fiery orange and gold.  A tetraploid bicolor with tightly ruffled petal edges and paprika-colored stippling on sepals; it is a great, consistent addition to the garden and to daylily exhibition shows.  It is the first bicolor to give me a double take in the garden.  The color is clear and it is distinct with raised midribs and slightly carved texture.  Here are three shots, a typical garden face, the scape and buds, and the "glamour shot."  

Choosing to add this daylily to your gardens will feed one child for 38 weekends during the school year in Illinois.  The Blessings in a Backpack organization provides elementary schoolchildren who are on the federal Free and Reduced Price Meal Program with a backpack of food to take home for 38 weekends during the school year.

Blessings in a Backpack is a 501 C (3) non-profit organization currently feeding over 59,000 children in 390 schools in 35 U.S. states and three countries - Canada, Columbia and Haiti. We are feeding the future of America, one school at a time. 

5.5”, 35”, 3-4 way branching, 22 buds, Tetraploid, (Bittersweet Holiday X Momentum)  
Only 15 divisions were available for Fall 2012!

H. 'Girl On Fire' (Schmith 2013)

Vivid red and full of motion!  A chalky halo finishes a wide, bright yellow throat which spills onto the sepals.  Winner of Best Seedling and Best In Show at 2012 SWIHS Show!  Big and commanding, yet fully feminine and graceful.

8.0”, 45”, 3-4 way branching, 20 buds, Tetraploid, (Megatron X Unknown) 

Here are three photos - showing off its saturated color, super tall and sturdy scapes and wide branching.  This is typical for H. 'Girl on Fire.' 

You know it has to be special if I even consider a red seedling.  Red is probably my least favorite color in the daylily bouquet, yet this one has screamed emotion since its first blooms.  I could not ignore it!

$75.00  SOLD OUT (wow and thank you!)   Its headed out to Alabama, New York, Michigan, Illinois, Missouri and Georgia!

H. 'A Thousand Sweet Kisses' (Schmith 2013)

This one is for my son.  When he was born, the soundtrack of my life contained some unique things, including the music from the movie-adaptation of Rent.  I was lucky to have seen it on Broadway before it closed, and have seen it live five times in four different states.  And so when Carter was born, I soothed him by singing songs - especially "I'll Cover You" and "Santa Fe" from Rent.    He had his first real cognizant laugh to us swirling around our old garden singing these songs out loud.  
It was real cool
. Real and cool.  I'm sure there will be many daylilies in my garden to remind me of moments with him.  
I love this massive salmon-pink self with showy orange tentacled edge.  This flower has no problem opening in cooler mornings and is an early season bloomer here in Illinois.  Very tall, consistent and clear.  Here are three photos - an early morning shot on the left highlights the subtle details and bright, thick edge.  The below left photo shows scape density.  The plant below is five fans.  Most fans, once established, put up two sets of scapes, almost instant rebloom (noted in photo.)  The photo on the below right shows how it looks at 4pm, after baking in 110 degree direct-sun heat.  Flowers stretch wide and flat in the heat.  Its interesting, refreshing and worth having in the garden.

7.25”, 45”, 3 way branching, 12 buds, Tetraploid, (Grand Old Flag X Golden Tentacles)

$75.00 single fans.  Fall 2013 release.  You may place an order by emailing here.



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