Rest In Peace, Charles | Daylily Blog on loss.

<posted July 6, 2013>  

I was really, really listening in this photo.  The words soaked into my ears and I was consciously tuning all my senses to remember this moment. I lost my grandparents early- way too early - so I lean on daylilies to bring me some elder-love.  

My gardening grandmother Lizzie died at 53 when I was just around the age my son is now.  I cannot imagine him losing his Nana at this age.  Daylilies give me the chance to have some elders in my life who are amazing people; people I sometimes secretly see as my surrogate grandparents.

Charles Applegate was 82 and died Thursday, July 4.  He registered 45 daylilies and inspired hundreds of thousands of people over his lifetime.

The first time I met him, at Kingwood Center, the first thing he said to me while shaking my hand still rings in my ears.  With a sly smile, he said-

"Oh!  You're the one that writes."  

I'm still not sure if the fact entertained him or not.

Man, this hurts.  Rest in Peace, Charles.



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