Colors In the Sky | Daylily Haiku Thursday

H. 'Exotic Pattern', H. 'Paradise Royal Purple' and H. 'Edith Buccola'

the sky on fire
with sweet licks of warm spring air.
hot inspiration.

The sunsets in the country are amplified more than any I ever saw in suburban Detroit the last twelve years.  Every night it is a show as the sun finishes its daily routine.  The temperatures here have been warm and the rain has really sent spring popping.  My Eastern Redbud is covered in purple!  

We worked to get all the pots out from under the deck and Im happy to say that after moving all those plants last year, I only have 16 pots of "NOiDS."  (that means "no identification.")  I have 16 pots of lush daylily foliage and no tags to identify what it is.  They are keepers, I know that much.  So I will leave them in the pots and wait to be surprised by what blooms.  I did discover my pot of H. 'Dragon Fang' that I thought was lost, so that's great news...  I know that some of those NOiDS are Bob Faulkner's H. 'Dragonfly In Flight' and one of my ultimate favorite daylilies- H. 'Matthew Martin' - a very unique copper-colored daylily.  It shows off copper diamond dusting, too, which is just another one of its great qualities.  You need it in your garden.  I hope I find the pot I brought with me somewhere in my NOiDS.

Here are some different faces of H. 'Matthew Martin.'  I've yet to capture that copper diamond dusting...


Bethany Benton Art said...

Wow! H. Matthew Martin is a beautiful daylily. Thanks for sharing your photos. Oh, and I love Paradise Royal Purple! I have some NOiDS too. Thanks for sharing your beautiful photos. :-)

Bethany Benton Art said...

Hello, I’ve nominated your blog for The Versatile Blogger award because your blog is inspiring, entertaining and a true joy to visit. :-)


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