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This is a tale of two H. 'Bella Sera' clumps.  One clump bought four years ago and raised in Michigan and the other raised in Illinois for the same amount of time. Now they both live in the same garden.  They were both transplanted from their original homes in August of 2011 and planted in one of my new beds in early September.  Both clumps contain at least four fans and are guaranteed true-to-name.  I planted the two small clumps about 8" apart and kept the crowns and root systems intact.  

That was four months ago.

Those are the details you will need to help with this mystery.  You'll also need this photo and the following definition of foliage habit...

H. 'Bella Sera' is registered as an evergreen daylily, which, by definition means: 
The foliage habit of daylilies that retain their foliage throughout the year. In cold winter climates, evergreen daylilies over-winter as a mound of frozen pale green foliage. Evergreens may resume growth during a mid-winter thaw in mild climates. Evergreen daylilies do not set resting buds.

(That definition comes from the Daylily Dictionary on the American Hemerocallis Society website.  Check it out if you want to learn a few new vocabulary words today!)

This week - yes, it IS January - I was out in the garden on a sunny 50 degree day and noticed something peculiar about the two clumps.  One looks dormant and one looks evergreen.

I'm betting that the one on the right comes back as thin, puny fans and will not produce flowers.  I'm guessing the one on the left will look as though it was never disturbed and will bloom fine.  However it turns out, I do not think they will bloom or grow the same this year.    What do you think?

I wonder if their blooms will 
be as different as their foliage.  Can you guess which one has lived in Michigan for the past four years and which one was already here in Illinois?  Can't wait to see the blooms.

Here is H. 'Bella Sera' in all her glory...
 A Google Image Search for more turns up some good ones, too.  This daylily is widely used as a parent and its easy to see why.

I love the white edges and bright halo.  I enjoy this flower best early in the morning, when the halo is almost silver against the royal purple segments.

It just glows...


John said...

Bella Sara - the more I watch the daylilies the more certain I am that daylilies like ! NO LOVE ! to change the rules !

Bella Sara is just the latest example. Unique Purple was a hard dormant here just as advertised. It shut down mid August for several years. That is until I moved it to a better spot. Now it has decided it prefers being evergreen! If it keeps blooming it can be anything it wants !


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