Edge-ucation | Daylily Blog on noticing the finer details...

I walk on the edge.  It is the best place to be if I have to evacuate quickly, but it is also the place with the best view.  The edge is often breathtaking and dangerous and most often always beautiful.  Out on the edge I can see all kinds of things that I cannot see from the safe center of life.
Edges in daylilies are not much different than the edges in life, and I thought I'd give you an "edge-ucation" on daylily edges.

It's the fringe. 

It's the ruffle.

It's the undulating wave of interest on the edges of petals and sepals that draws you in for a closer look and sometimes even a touch.
The throat area first catches your attention, the eyezone keeps the viewer's attention and the edges finishes off the look in amazing fashion.  Punctuating the visual experience is the elusive smell and the color saturation...but the edge is what I have been remembering on strolls of late.

Take your visual daylily experience all the way to the edge of the petals and sepals and see what you find there.  After all, if you are not living on the edge, you are surely taking up too much room.

Stay on the edge, I say. 



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