Top Five Reasons to be an AHS Member

I have been a member of the American Hemerocallis Society for a decade.  It is an international society created for people who enjoy all things daylily.

Societies, clubs and other organized groups sometimes get a bad rap for elitism, impenetrable cliques and boring publications.  In my opinion, AHS membership comes with none of these afflictions.  It goes without saying that there are issues in any group that serves close to 10,000 people all over the face of the Earth, but membership in the AHS is something you should splurge on if only for one year to try it out and take advantage of some great benefits. 

Without further adieu, here are my top five benefits of being a member of the AHS.

1.  The AHS publication, The JournalThis glossy, intelligent, diverse, colorful magazine is the number one benefit of being an AHS member.  Even if you consider your membership cost the subscription price to this magazine, it is well worth the money.  An industry expert is at the helm, a woman who is an experienced publisher and editor on the west coast. 

2.  The ability to compete and win major awards at daylily Exhibition Shows.  Non-members can compete, but they cannot win any of the major awards or compete for Best In Show.

3.  AHS members can join an exclusive e-mail robin.  Currently there are close to 2,000 members of this electronic forum, and members of it can access the archives, browse hundreds of photos, and participate in discussions with other passionate daylily folks. These are sometimes passionate conversations with like-minded folks, even though they are virtual, are priceless and the knowledge is endless on daylily topics from hybridizing, disease identification and prevention/treatment, collecting, exhibiting, selling, auctioning, touring and sharing.

4.  Automatic membership in your geographic regional group, which also publishes a newsletter and hosts members-only tours and events throughout the year.

5.  The opportunity to train to be a Garden Judge.  Garden Judges vote on most of the major daylily awards at the national level - awards like the Stour Silver Medal and the Awards of Merit.  Being a Garden Judge trains your eye to be more discerning and appreciative of all the daylily has to offer our gardens.

H. 'Lorie Dawn'

All this for just $25 per year for an individual membership.  New members also receive a $25.00 "voucher" worth real daylily dollars (varies by grower from $25 to $50.) so the first year is basically free for new folks.  Members with a single family membership can upgrade to a family or a three year membership and receive the voucher, too!


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