Winter Color Inspiration

I needed some color to brighten my day today, so I pulled out my digital stash of favorite garden shots from other people's gardens on Long Island in New York.  These are from the summer of 2006, but I still enjoy them as if I took them yesterday.  The color combinations are luscious. 

First, one of my favorite combination shot - ever.  It's H. 'Desert Icicle' in its glory, showing off in front of some of those famous Long Island hydrangeas.  My friend Melanie is blogging more Long Island gardening knowledge here, along with some cool daylily stories, too.

This second photo is taken in the backyard garden on George Rasmussen, hybridizer of H. 'Island Love Affair' and H. 'Kings Golden Treasure.' 

What is amazing about this garden is that it is a pocket-sized rainbow of color.  Every inch is carefully used and there is even grass to spare.

These next two show some real hot combinations.   Click on them to enjoy them one at a time in a larger size. 

I have never seen hydrangeas grow like they were on Long Island.  The spectrum of color was unbelieveable!

This next one is from Paul Limmer's yard.  What an awesome collection of daylilies!

This last photo is one of my favorite color combinations in the shade.  I keep saying I'm going to replicate it in my yard, but something else always grabs my attention and I forget I wanted to do it.  Then I see this photo again and try to remind myself to do it the following year. 

That "garden ADD" really kicks in sometimes, doesn't it?

Enjoy the color on this gray day...


Arikbo said...

I love the color combination in the first photo. Thanks for the wonderful photos.

Nikki Schmith said...

Thanks. It is one of my top ten photos of all time!

Anonymous said...

Hi Niki-
Been thinking about you- the last photo was in Louise Peluso's garden-lids-
Miss your cheerfulness- maybe we can arrange a visit for you to LI for a lecture--
pam milliken

Nikki Schmith said...

Hello, Pam! I miss seeing you, too!!! A couple of these photos are from Louise's...I have hundreds of photos from that day that are some of my best pictures ever and Im always posting them. Louise is such a doll. I saw her in Orlando and told her how much I still remembered her garden.


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