I'm so predictable.

I'm so predictable.

At the 2008 Region 2 Summer Meeting in Madison, Wisconsin, I was gifted two cultivars introduced by Wisconsin hybridizer Nate Bremer
www.solarisfarms.com.) I did not grow any Bremer daylilies and had never seen any. I anxiously awaited their bloom this year.

I only had one question for myself - "Why didnt I know who Nate was and why didnt I grow more of his daylilies?"

The form and substance are near perfect according to my interpretation of the AHS Standards used for exhibitions. Color is saturated and clear. Branching is "as advertised" and amazing. Of the hundreds of daylilies blooming on Monday, these two took the prize for most interesting and most beautiful.

I must know more about these daylilies. So, where do I go? I visited the AHS Daylily Databse at
http://www.daylilies.org/DaylilyDB/ to see more registration information.

This is where I realize I'm so totally predictable.

Information on FOURTH ROCK - (Bremer, 2004) height 28", bloom 4", season MLa, Dormant, Diploid, Fragrant, 28 buds, 3 branches, Red with maroon band above green throat. [(SILOAM GRACE STAMILE x BROOKWOOD MAMASAN) X (SILOAM PAUL WATTS x BROOKWOOD WOW)]

What all these brackets and such mean is this:
The first long parenthetical phrase tells me the pollen from SILOAM GRACE STAMILE was placed on the pistil of BROOKWOOD MAMASAN and resulted in some seeds being produced, which resulted in a daylily plant sprouting and producing a flower. The second parenthetical phrase tells me the same process was repeated for SILOAM PAUL WATTS and BROOKWOOD WOW. Those two resulting flowers were then crossed to make seeds which ultimately sprouted into a daylily that was registered with the American Hemerocallis Society as FOURTH ROCK.

BROOKWOOD WOW (seen above) is my all time, hands down, no bones about it favorite daylily. Ever. I have won Best In Show twice with it (seen in the sidebar) and have shared it with everyone I know. It is stunning. My fellow club members say I can no longer bring it to the exhibition show, because it is so perfectly perfect every time. Not surprised I love a "kid" from it.
BROOKWOOD MAMASAN is my second favorite Brookwood daylily of all time. I won the Section with it at the 2009 Central Illinois Daylily Society exhibition show (seen below on the left.) Stunning. Also not surprised this one is in the lineage of another daylily I am beginning to love.

Predictable. I'm okay with that.


Brad said...

Hi, New to your site. Those pictures are great and the daylillies are outstanding.

Thanks for sharing them, and .....predictability isn't SO bad.

Catherine said...

very interesting.


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