What's Blooming?

Please enjoy the new daylily video! It is a musical journey through the daylilies blooming in my yard through July 1.

A bit of backstory... last night I discovered a new program on my PC called Windows Movie Maker, and it is now my new best friend.


It is easier than PowerPoint to use; I can't believe I have had this program forever and never tried it. In the span of one evening, I created 4 videos on various topics! It is an absolute "drag and drop" type of program, so I truly believe that anyone could use it with a couple hours of dedicated brain time.

I love new toys - especially ones I already had and didn't know it. I am sure as I get more proficient with the program, my videos will improve, but I was just proud to figure out the music track and the animations. The picture quality after transforming in Movie Maker to uploading it on YouTube degraded greatly, but it is worth the look anyway.

Just happy to share the daylily in yet another way...

I hope you enjoy it!

P.S. I'm almost positive my Mac friends will say that this program is poppycock compared to iMovie, but I have to work up to that level of coolness.


Catherine said...

If i were to do a similar movie it would be shorter. it would have a pic of the one daylillie that has bloomed, the one rose bud on the bush, and the weeds that michele gave me.

yours is beautiful. i love the music you used...although i might have used a country song or perhaps "photograph" by one of those bands you like.


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